You want to increase sales, attract the best talent and beat your competitors

A digital marketing plan that works

We work with businesses like yours who know digital marketing should be helping their business grow. Your business is a success in all other areas but making the internet work for you….well, it just never seems to work.

Frontier work with businesses who want to take their digital marketing and business growth to the next level. Our clients are committed to not being left behind.

Being a digital business is about working smart. Think about how the internet influences your personal life; it’s changed how you book a holiday, talk to friends and shop. Has your business evolved? Are you thinking like Amazon or Toys R Us? 

Being a digital business future proofs your company. Your digital marketing makes you influential within your industry. Your staff talk about how they enjoy their work.  Sales become more predictable and revenues go up. As a growing business you to attract and retain the very best team, which reduces costs. Every business leaders dream, right?

Digital Business Power with Jonnie Jensen

Your digital strategy

Your company has a website (of course), some social media accounts, a blog and occasional email marketing.

You’ve used a marketing agency who said they ‘did digital’ and might have tried pay-per-click advertising in the past, with disheartening results.

The problem is, you don’t know if these digital marketing activities are delivering results and few people in the business understand it either.

What you want is accountability, results and return on investment.

Your growth

Your company has high growth targets. You’ve been successful in the past but you’re at risk of getting left behind if you don’t make some changes. With pressure on costs, you are unsure how you can achieve growth from the same resources.

What you want is cost effective and measurable growth tactics.

Your sales

You have a successful sales history but the phone doesn’t ring like it used to. Advertising seems an expensive waste and even events are hard to justify.

You would like to have greater control over seasonal and economic peaks and dips but just don’t know how.

What you want is people who are ready to buy …and more of them.

Your content and social media marketing

What seemed like a cost-free way to do digital marketing has become a frustrating stress.
Your staff are too busy to create content and it is hard to get any results from social media. You keep doing it because you think you must but business leaders are starting to ask where the results are.

What you want is support across the business and a clear digital marketing plan that delivers results.

Your website traffic and leads

Your website should be a 24/7 superstar member of your sales team – not just an online sales brochure. Your site is not generating leads or ranking well on search engines but you don’t know why and are reluctant to get a new website…again.

What you want is to be prominent in search results, get more website traffic and receive more leads.

You’re not getting the best out of your digital tools

You’ve invested in digital marketing tools because you believe it can help you make more money. You are frustrated because you know you’re not getting the best from them. You need more support from the rest of the business and to focus on making the campaigns work instead of learning how to use the tool.

What you need is leadership, a strategy and the right support to get the most from your digital tools.

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Digital business decisions require experience at Director level. Too many companies do not have this. It leads to mistakes and cost. Working with Frontier solves this problem. You can access our Digital Business Power system at a level that suits your business.

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