“Can i have some easy digital marketing tips?” was the question that inspired this blog post. Digital marketing need not be hard work. You just need some steps to follow and the commitment to make it happen.

The question came as a request for topics that people wanted me to discuss on Digital Business Power TV – every Thursday at 12 noon on Facebook Live. Here is the 15 minute episode from today.

If you want to get results from your digital marketing you need a plan to follow. These three tips will make good use of activities and opportunities you already have. Companies don’t realise that marketing does not always need to be clever. If you start from the premise of talking to the right people, about things that will help them succeed, then you are creating a conversation that might lead them to using your services. These are my three key factors:

  1. Contacts
  2. Content
  3. Conversation

When you are looking to make any plan, start from those three headings.

3 easy digital marketing actions

These easy digital marketing actions are intended to make use of opportunities – or assets – you already have in your business. You just need to use them smarter.

1. Bring your website to life

Too often companies are not making the most of their website and the visitors that come to it. Your website should be so much more than just a brochure. It is not enough that your only way of capturing someones contact details is on your Contact Form or by inviting them “Subscribe to our Newsletter”. Ask yourself if you want to subscribe to someone’s newsletter. No. Instead you need to give them a positive reason to want to engage with you. To give you their contact details. I call this the value exchange.

  • Offer downloadable content – create a checklist or how to guide. Invite them to watch a webinar or enter a promotion. Something that your target audience will value. The content will already be in your business. Just think about the conversations and experience the people in your business share with customers and prospects. That is what you can turn into a download or event content. Tools you can use to do this include
  • Add instant chat to your website – you know the little face that pops up in the corner of some websites. It’s not just a customer service tool. Like greeting someone when they walk into a shop, these tools help you give your website visitors what they want. They are very easy to set up and even easier to manage. You just assign it to someone to monitor around their existing work. Tools you can use to do this include:
  • Capture people before they leave your site – you will also experience this when you use the internet yourself. Exit intent pop ups appear just before someone leaves your website. Ask them a question, offer them a download, beg them not to go! I’ve seen lots of different tactics used but these tools are a great way to build your email database and generate leads. They are quick and easy to set up on most websites, especially WordPress and Joomla based sites.

2. Email your contacts

Yes, I did just say “email your contacts”. Good emails work. Make them timely, relevant and containing content that is of use to the person receiving it. You will get more results over time with this kind of approach but even if you haven’t emailed your contacts for a while – or ever before – then get one out to them this week. Most of the popular tools have templates you can use or buy for very little cost. There really is no excuse not to email your contacts.

Of course you do need some content to send them to. Don’t make the mistake of putting all your content in the email as you want to be able to spot the people who click a link. This shows you in the results who has that problem or is interested in that subject.  You can then follow this up for a possible sale. If you do not have a blog on your site then get one! In the mean time you can publish your content on LinkedIn or as longer Facebook posts. Remember it is the click from your contacts that you want to track. Easy to use email tools include:

If you want help with any of these then please just ask.

3. Get your team social

When your whole team are using social media in their work then your company has the potential to reach a lot more people in your industry. If your staff are reluctant to use their social media profiles for their work then that is a bigger topic but it is just a mind set shift. Most companies expect their staff to go networking or keep up their industry profile. This is no different and from a cultural perspective I believe all staff should appreciate they are “always selling”.

You want your team to share and promote your companies content. It could be your latest content download or a prompt to look at this months email i.e. action 1 and 2 above. To help make this happen for mine and Live And Social’s clients we create a Content Alert. This is a short one page document that summaries each new piece of content and includes suggested social media updates. Your staff can then just copy and paste these on their profiles. Ideally with a little tweak to make it their own but something is better than nothing.

If anyone in your team wont share the content then give them an alternative option – you share it for them. At Live And Social we use a tool called Social Report which allows us to share social media updates to anyone’s profile that is linked to the Master account.  We can create an account for your business and help you manage it.

Get Live And Social – Social Report

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If you want to put any of these tips into action but really don’t think you can do it yourself then let me help you. It could be some coaching and mentoring for a person or team. Or you may want to use the digital marketing services of Live And Social. Get in touch today and I’ll let you know how we can help.