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The Importance of the Social Advertising Tracking Pixel

2017-06-12T16:36:49+01:00Lead Generation|

Our Operations Manager, Anthony Stretten has been using tracking pixels for social advertising for quite some time. In the process he has learnt a great deal about why they are so important for your business. Find out what pixel tracking is all about and how it can help make your social ads highly targeted.

How To Build A Custom Audience For Specific Pages Inside Facebook Ads

2017-06-12T16:36:49+01:00Lead Generation|

So you’re building a Facebook ad and want to start remarketing to people who are visiting a specific page on your website. First of all, well done, this a great step. For some reason many people just run ads and do not look at the bigger picture, or remarketing. Generally Facebook ads are generic and are stopped after the main campaign is finished.

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