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Proving Social Media is Easy As Pie: Oreo Case Study

2017-06-12T16:36:49+01:00Social Media Marketing|

Oreo are very well known on social media. They create beautiful content to share on their channels which they carefully pick and create to promote their various products, entertain and engage with their audience. With a huge number of likes and followers and such great content it is easy to see why so many people follow Oreo on social media. I believe they are one of the best case studies out there and that's why I have chosen to cover them lightly in this blog.

Twitter Tips to Show Love to Your Top Fans

2017-06-12T16:36:49+01:00Social Media Marketing|

Any brand who is trying to get a return on investment for their social media efforts will need to develop relationships with their most important followers. Developing a personal relationship with your prospects and customers is a great way to increase your brand sentiment and sell online. But to do this you have to show love to your fans.

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