Formerly known as JustUnfollow, Crowdfire is an app that is also available for desktop that can help you totally change your social media following and followers. The free version of the app allows you to configure up to 2 accounts, I have the Live And Social Twitter and Instagram set up on mine. Over a period of between 15 minutes and half an hour everyday I use the tools on Crowdfire to develop, clear up and strategically target new followers. Here’s more on what you can do with Crowdfire…


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Copy Followers

One of the best things about Crowdfire is that you can look at and follow the people who follow certain users. I can look at any Twitter or Instagram user and scroll through their followers.
In social media marketing there is a little cheat, copy your competitors followers that you want to build your audience with. I stress that I haven’t just gone through our competitors and stolen their followers, I have developed my own more targeted technique. This involves following people who follow OTHER users who are in some ways relevant to your brand, not just competitors who might have the same verticals as you.

Remember, your competitors might not be perfect and you don’t want to take the same bad habits as them. Sometimes it’s best to find your own path and explore it.

Inactive Followers

Why would you want to follow an account that hasn’t been active in 6 months? I don’t. I use the feature in Crowdfire to unfollow these users. The type of client I want to attract to our business probably tweets more often than once in a month. If you follow more people than follow you, this feature will help you reduce the ratio down to something more appealing.

Repost – top followers on Instagram

When you sync your Instagram account with Crowdfire you can use it’s own version of repost. It looks different, in fact nicer than Repost app when you post it too. The difference is that on Crowdfire the repost is found by the posts from users who have shown you the most love on Instagram. It will draw the users who have liked and commented on your posts the most and show you’re their latest posts so that you can click, comment, like or repost them. With the caption “Let’s give some love back”, it’s clear Crowdfire knows what “social” media is about!

Limitation – avoid twitter jail

The free account has tighter follow/unfollow limitations that you can utilise per day. To avoid getting thrown into Twitter jail this is really important. Instagram will stop you from following more people, but it’s not advisable to keep messing with your followers. I recommend smaller adjustments. Growth hack, but don’t make it all about followers. There’s a level to which I want more followers, but it’s important that those followers are relevant, treated with quality content and interacted with by me. I can’t do that if I spend all my time manipulating followers to look like I have a huge audience.


Personally, I have seen phenomenal growth on our social media following. I am using Crowdfire more and it has caused enough of a ripple that I am now using this app specifically for our clients each week. Added to the existing follower strategy work we already do this app helps us to dive deeper and develop more.

If you are a Social Media Manager or Community Manager I strongly advise you get this app. It can help you develop, restore and build your social media following. Crowdfire makes it easy to develop a highly specific and targeted following of people who you want to see your content and interact with you.

I’ve created this video to help you further understand and better yet, see Crowdfire app in action…

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