Do you believe that digital businesses win? You should. In the world we live in today there has never been a better time to create a business, promote it, drive sales and look after your customers effectively. Digital businesses win because they are able to work smarter and more effectively.

Any business can think and be digital. It is about using the internet, social media, automated tools, to make what you do better. To work smarter. Most importantly, to help make sure as many people as possible choose your business. It creates an upward spiral that is noted by your staff, your customers, in fact, your whole industry. Especially your competitors.

Are you winning?

I want your business to have the digital advantage. Or as I like to call it Digital Business Power. You need the right people, plans and tools. If you are the business owner or leader then you need the knowledge and/or support to put all this into place. In this episode of my weekly Digital Business Power TV I talk about “Why Digital Businesses Win”.

It is not about budget or deciding whether your customers are interested in social media. This is about your business being geared up for success. If this is an uncomfortable subject for you then I want to reassure you it is for lots of companies. The answer is to take simple steps.

Increase your own knowledge and identify the digital champions in your business. Get some quick wins from your existing contacts and website traffic. Then start to put a long term plan in place.

There are not really any shortcuts but with the right strategy, people and tools, you will quickly start to build momentum. And remember, we are creating long term assets here. It is an investment in your future success. Without it there may be no future.

Get your Digital Business Score and see just how many of the steps you have taken to becoming a digital business. This short assessment only takes about 5 minutes. It doesn’t test your skills, it just asks questions about your business. Then together we can get on with helping your business achieve the results it deserves.

Being digital drives success

In this digital world, the upward spiral drives more success. Because your staff are working smarter, they deliver better service. Because your service is better your customers buy more regularly and talk more positively about your business. This creates more attention for your business and increases the number of referrals. As sales in the business go up and people are using tools to work effectively, they enjoy their work more. This means they perform better, stay loyal and other leading talent in the industry wants to work for you. Because you have the best people in the industry in your business, the systems, tools and quality of service get increased further. Which just starts of another round of improvements and attention for your business.

Ultimately your business is becoming ever more successful and attractive to investors and suitors. It truly is an upward spiral that you can not afford to miss out on.

How digital businesses win in every industry

If you follow me regularly you will know how I love the CapGemini report from way back in 2012, titled “The Digital Advantage”. It is an easy read – quite short – and I encourage you to look at it. Core to successful digital businesses is the leadership of the business. Everything else falls in behind this obvious figure head. From the culture, to the people and skills, and the systems and tools. If you do not have buy-in from the business leaders then – versus a company whose leader “gets it” – digital it will never become a competitive advantage for you.

Where are you on the Digital Marketing Matrix?The number of times I have worked with a head of marketing that struggled because the business leader was not supportive or worse, dismissive of digital marketing and social media. I could give a hundred examples and scenarios but take this simple analogy. If you have a car garage or tree cutting business that only uses manual tools, imagine the disadvantage you are going to be at compared to the company next door that uses power tools and chainsaws.

Those companies will:

  • Get more work done – sell more
  • Have happier staff
  • Have impressed and satisfied customers
  • Get more referrals
  • Have happier, more successful owners

It is an advantage that you cannot argue against.

I’ve created the Digital Business Matrix to help you realise how close your business is to creating a digital advantage. You can download the checklist and work it out it within just a couple of minutes. I hope you are closer to Industry Leader than you are R.I.P. – you’d better check now!

The Digital Sales Machine

The most tangible and attainable aspect of being a digital business is your digital marketing. When you can attract more of the right people and turn them into your customers more efficiently, then you have a system that is going to propel the success of your company forward. We are talking about a digital sales machine. Getting this right is how small start-up businesses become industry leaders. Or, get acquired by the traditional – and now frightened – industry leaders.

There are three foundations to the digital sales machine. These should appeal and make sense to any business leader, no matter how digitally competent you are.

I want this to be an encouragement and motivation to you. So many business owners and leaders do not have a strong understanding of what digital marketing means or what it can do for their company. It is understandable to feel this way. It is not ok not to do anything about it.

  1. Bring more people to you – through Google, content marketing, social media, email and online advertising it has never been easier to get attention, traffic, visitors to your business. What’s more it has never been easier to ensure that they are the exact people you want to talk with.
  2. Communicate better – having the tools and systems to be able to talk to people better should mean you can sell more. Imagine what the telephone did for the sales profession. Today’s digital marketing tools have taken this to a whole new level. Marketing has now become a process of elimination, so that your sales people only need speak to the people who are motivated, educated and ready to buy. This is for both new and existing customers.
  3. Systems and processes – being able to work smarter means that you can get more done, more effectively, than ever before. Even better it is measurable so you be sure of your risk and return on investment. If the system is a marketing one you could be getting more success from the same spend. If it is a sales system you will be selling more, with the same or less people. If it is customer services, you will be resolving problems and providing the best experience ever. All of these, once working effectively, can be ramped up to drive even more value and success.

The three together equal SELL MORE.

I find it so hard to believe when I have with conversations with business leaders that tell me “yes we have our digital marketing looked after”. When I ask them questions about these three areas though they do not have any hard answers or clear stats. It is because they do not understand what the real opportunity is.

Get Digital Business Power

Wherever you are at in this conversation I encourage you to take action. Whether it is a business review, taking part in the Digital Business Power 2-day event or working with us to bring Digital Business Power and all the marketing support you need, into your business get in touch with me today. Don’t let digital marketing be your dirty little secret. Let’s turn your digital marketing stress into digital business success.

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