Good quality recruitment agency blog content will attract clients to you and generate leads 365 days a year, 24hrs a day. The challenge for most recruitment agencies is not in believing this, but in making it happen

This blog post is for business owners and leaders who want a better understanding of why they need a consistent blog strategy. If you are a frustrated over worked marketing manager, then maybe ping your boss a link!

Blog content should attract and nurture new clients

Winning clients and getting regular briefs from them is vital to a recruitment agency hitting its targets. Content marketing can help you do this in a highly efficient and effective way.

Traditionally new business means hitting the phones and networking. With digital marketing and social media this can now also mean sending emails and engaging in shared communities (note: that is not the same as blasting out latest jobs as updates). The problem with both these is that they are labour intensive and relatively un-targeted.

One of the most powerful benefits of blog content and content marketing is that you can track which of your clients are on your site. See what they are responding to in your emails and what content they are reading. If a blog post, for example, was titled “How to Know When To Grow Your Team” then it is more than likely that someone reading it, is looking to grow their team.

Considering how many contacts recruitment agencies have in their database, this can become incredibly powerful. In regard to a content plan therefore, the objective is to work out what content your clients need to help them be a success. And of course, help them choose to work with you.

Too often though I see recruitment agencies creating the wrong content and failing to use digital marketing effectively.

If you don’t create content it may harm your business

The problem with recruitment agencies getting their content marketing wrong is that it then becomes a demotivating waste of time and money. Marketing person chasing consultants for content they don’t want to write. Consultants complaining that it is not their job. MD chasing the marketing person because the blog is out of date. Marketing person hating their job because no one is supporting them. MD stressed because they now have frustrated staff and an embarrassingly abandoned blog.

Net result is that everyone decides the blog and content is a painful distraction they could do without. Does this sound familiar?

If it does it is dangerous. If you don’t have an active blog and content marketing programme your website will be harder to find in search results. Possibly worse, your clients and contacts will be having their heads turned by competitors content.

Blog content is an asset in your business. It can literally be a competitive advantage and it is hard to catch up when you slip behind. If you thought writing one blog was hard, try catching a competitor who has 100.

Your blog is the most influential member of your team

The reality is that your recruitment agency blog content could be attracting new clients and adding value to existing clients, 24hrs a day. It should be thought of as of the most powerful networking member of the team. Full of useful knowledge she can make her way into the offices of the best people in your industry and spend time connecting and building a relationship with them. Even finding out if they are expanding and will need to hire more people.

On top of that the most connected person in the World – Mr Google – loves to find your fresh content. And if you want your site to rank prominently around the subjects your audience searches for, then quite simply you will need to create content for Google to find.

Recruitment consultants talk about not having enough time to write a blog post but what if that blog post was attracting recruiters from companies that were otherwise locked into preferred supplier lists (PSL)? If your recruitment consultants realise that their blog post could result in new client leads and briefs waiting for them each day when they got to work, then their attitude toward supporting the content creation suddenly changes.  I’m not saying they suddenly love writing blog post but how to get blog content out of your team is another subject. Suffice to say, I urge all my clients to mandate content writing as much as networking or attending industry events.

The wrong kind of recruitment agency blog content

The biggest mistake I see in all kinds of companies is blog content that has little value or consistency. It is these two factors combined which cause the problem. I’m not an advocate of summarising industry events (yawn!) or giving comment where other industry thought leaders will be attracting all the attention, but at least if you are going to do it, then do it on a regular basis so that becomes what you are known for.

Think about what value you can add to your target audience and why they would come to you for that information. I once worked with the UK’s largest sports trophy retailer. They were blogging about football transfer news! Surely their audience would be getting that information elsewhere? And why would Google rank them for that content? I suggested they focus on the subject of winning, team spirit and leadership. Think how this example relates to your business.

The right kind of recruitment agency blog content

Recruitment Agency Blog Content Plan For Clients Jonnie JensenTo plan the right kind of recruitment agency blog content so that it raises your profile and consistently attracts new business you need to think about what those people want, and need, to be successful. What are their goals, motives and challenges? Aside from the specifics of your industry any recruiter will always, in terms of their work, be in one of four places.

  1. Need staff
  2. Find staff
  3. Get staff
  4. Enjoy staff

There are so many topics and themes that can be covered in each of those areas. Think laterally though. Insights into the best way to review staff performance would fit into Manage Staff. More importantly it could then lead to ‘Need Staff’, and you would be the first company they would come to about getting some.

The benefits of recruitment agency blog content

Blog content gives people a people a reason to find you, trust you and work with you. The end goal might not happen immediately but you are building a relationship and most importantly, a contact.

In the content, you are giving something of value. This must benefit the reader but done right it can serve your goals as well. Consider a campaign called “How to reduce your recruitment costs and keep your staff loyal”. It is an aspirational topic that speaks to the goals and objectives of your target audience.

In the content series, you can provide insights into why working with a specialist recruiter makes sense and you could dismiss common barriers.  Both of these educate and motivate your potential lead. This should make them more likely to work with you and make a decision quicker.  It is a WIN WIN.

The goal of a recruitment agency blog therefore is to use content to move the reader through each stage. This is very different to simply writing any old piece of blog content. It is planning each stage of the process – or journey – so that when you get someone into ‘Recruit Staff’ they do it with you and are successful in selecting one of your candidates. Which of course is where the recruitment agency gets paid. This is why the process is so vital. Using marketing automation to segment, track and send appropriate emails people appropriately will help you move people but that is a topic for another blog.

Top 10 reasons for recruitment agencies to blog

  1. Improve your search rankings – free targeted traffic
  2. Differentiate from competitors
  3. Build contact database of industry influencers and recruiters (lead gen)
  4. Improve the quality and frequency of clients briefs
  5. Spot when your existing contacts are reading your HR content
  6. Provide recruitment consultants with a steady stream leads and opportunties
  7. Helps recruitment consultants work efficiently and effectively
  8. Build a library of assets that increase value of the business
  9. Recruiting of top recruitment consultants
  10. Creates a competitive advantage

Getting results from your recruitment agency blog

Getting content up on your blog regularly is vital. The most important thing to realise is that the knowledge and experience that would make great blog content is in your team. Do not outsource this. You just need a plan to follow and a way to motivate your team to support it.

They do not have to write the final article. Get the rough content off them and then give it to someone skilled to edit, optimise and publish it.

I’ve barely skimmed the benefits of producing consistent recruitment agency blog content but done right the results are worth it. The challenge is making it happen. Without a senior level of digital marketing experience companies struggle to make the right decisions or manage the activity effectively. Outsourcing it all to an agency does nothing to help this problem in the long run. Does this sound familiar?

If you want to talk about how you can get Digital Business Power into your recruitment agency then book a 30-minute discovery call with me today. Digital marketing – which includes your blog content – is too important to get wrong.