Our Operations Manager, Anthony Stretten has been using tracking pixels for social advertising for quite some time. In the process he has learnt a great deal about why they are so important for your business. Find out what pixel tracking is all about and how it can help make your social ads highly targeted.


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Before we get started I just want to stress that all of your ROI driven campaigns should be backed up by tracking pixels and retargeting. A good campaign will always account for people who are not ready to convert and place ads infront of them based on pages they have visited on your website. This extra personalisation is what gets users to convert at a higher rate.

What is a Tracking Pixel?

The tracking pixel is a snippet of code supplied by Facebook and Twitter that you place in the <head> section of your website template.

The code places a small transparent pixel in the page that allows Facebook or Twitter to interact with your website and gives feedback on a user’s actions. In both platforms a single pixel is used across your entire site to supply this information

Why is it so important to use Tracking Pixels?

The pixels allow you to start getting an understanding of your customer’s actions on your website. With this information you can now have the option to run a simple new set of ads promoting a new/different products or create a retargeting funnel for people who have visited specific pages on your website and retarget them with ads.

Example: User visited  www.yourdomain.com/shopping-cart  but did not go to www.yourdomain.com /shopping-cart-thank-you. You can now retarget these people with  content/ promotion or discount ads to help push them into a conversion/ sale.

Where do you find the Pixel Code?


For Facebook the code can be found when you create your first Custom Audience. While you are making the audience, click on the cog then View Pixel Code.

The Importance of the Social Advertising Tracking Pixel.

Or if you have already made the audience then inside the Audience section of Business Manager, tick the box next to your audience, then click Actions > View Pixel

The Importance of the Social Advertising Tracking Pixel

In either option you will be shown a new window with the pixel code. You have the option to copy the code of email to your developer.

 The Importance of the Social Advertising Tracking Pixel


Twitter also has two ways of finding your pixel code. You can find it after you have created an audience or conversion tracking.

Via the audience, click Tools > Audience Manager, then Create New Audience or Manage on an existing audience.

The Importance of the Social Advertising Tracking Pixel Via conversion tracking, click Tools > Conversion tracking, then Create new website tag or edit on an existing tag

The Importance of the Social Advertising Tracking Pixel

In either option you will be shown the pixel code. You can now copy the code and implement or email to your developer.

The Importance of the Social Advertising Tracking Pixel

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