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Bridge The Digital Gap In Your Business

You’re a successful business leader. You have a great product, effective sales team and happy customers. But you know something is missing.

You need to bring in more leads, retain your valued customers and maintain a competitive edge. You know you need to make the internet work for your business. You hire someone, invest in some tools and try a digital marketing agency someone recommends. You quickly realise they are not making a difference but you don’t know why. Digital marketing was supposed to help the business but it just seems like an endless cost. If only there was someone in the business who could lead all this. A clear line of accountability from digital to director level. But how could we afford that person and do we really need them?

Does this sound familiar?

It’s an all-to-often problem faced by successful businesses owners, like you – and that is why Frontier Business Consulting was formed.

Digital Business Director: Your Digital Breakthrough

When you really understand and master digital marketing, your business will enhance its reputation, attract new customers and drive sales at a lower cost-per-acquisition. It is a competitive advantage that you cannot afford to miss out on. Once you’re ahead, with the right strategy, skills and systems, it’s almost impossible for others to catch you – but you need to know how.

A Digital Business Director will help you get there.

The role of a Digital Business Director is to understand your goals and objectives and create a digital culture and strategy that achieves them. They bring clarity and accountability for those managing your digital marketing. Using the proven Digital Business Power framework we transform your business into a digitally-fit organisation.

Jonnie Jensen Digital Marketing Director

Meet Jonnie Jensen – Digital Business Director

I’m Jonnie Jensen, founder of Frontier and No1 Digital Business Coach. Digital Business Power brings together all my experience in a way that I can help lots of businesses. It is for growing companies that don’t yet have digital expertise in their team.

I want to educate and excite you and your team.  Working together I will establish digital skills in your business. I will create an upward spiral for your business. One which your competitors cannot catch up and adds long-term value to your company.

I’ve worked in digital marketing since 1999. I was the marketing manager for Lycos UK (yes, pre-Google!), and then spent 4 years in mobile running subscription text services,  WAP sites and loyalty programmes for O2 and EE. In 2008 I started running social media training courses and opened Live And Social in 2009.

Frontier Business Consulting is a vision I first had in 2007. We are a group of digital business experts, marketers and trainers. The marketing agencies, designers and digital specialists we know are trusted and aligned with our values. You can think of us as your own digital marketing dream team, leading you to the success you deserve.

How A Digital Business Director Supports You

We spot the digital gaps in your business, identify what’s wrong and confidently provide a path to fix it using our proven Digital Business Power framework. It’s about a system that works, getting your team to support it and having trusted suppliers that can help you.

Yes, we put a long term plan in place but we also look for easy wins. Digital marketing success is about doing the right things consistently. Together, with our work, we will:

  • Help your prospects find you at the moment that they need you.
  • Keep your existing customers coming back for more because they love how you make them feel (appreciated).
  • Position your business as a trusted leader.
  • Retain your best staff and attract the finest talent

Digital Business Boardroom

£8004 hours
  • The ideal place to start…
  • This hearts and minds boardroom session will gain digital buy-in from from leaders across the business and set the foundations for positive digital change.
  • You business will gain an understanding of what being digital means and how it will benefit the whole business.

Digital Business Foundation

£400012 weeks
  • Create a digital business strategy…
  • Full digital audit: review current activity and results to identify what’s not working and spot opportunities
  • 12-month digital marketing strategy and plan: recommending tools, tactics and partners to help achieve the strategic goals in practical ways

Digital Business Power

£1000per month
  • A digital director in your business…
  • Your businesses Digital Director: 1 day per month face-to-face to implement the plan in your business.
  • Supporting you throughout the month. Mentoring you and your staff, implementing the plan and holding your suppliers to account. It’s your path to success.

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Discuss your digital business goals and challenges with Jonnie Jensen

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We’ve had the pleasure of working with companies in a variety of sectors and helping them achieve Digital Business Power.

Jonnie is a force in digital marketing and social media knowledge because he has been doing it for years, and has built of wealth of successful credentials. He is a fantastic trainer and really takes the time to understand the individual requirements, plus the businesses and commercial objectives and how that translates to their digital activity. He can therefore recommend the right strategical approach and deliver on the implementation.

Andrew Japp, Webcredible

Jonnie has great knowledge in all areas of social, web and the strategy sitting behind all this. He makes a very large, complex idea; simply and actionable so that we can drive real results. I would recommend Jonnie to anyone.

Alex Dickerson, Celerity

Jonnie opened the eyes of the most hardened skeptic in our team. His fundamental understanding of the social media world, and the possibilities it offers, allow him to be highly creative whilst at the same time retaining the confidence of the audience. Jonnie is down to earth and easy to work with. On a subject where other consultants seem to spend time theorising, Jonnie understood our desire to get down to business and make things happen. He has brought us a long way in a short time and I would highly recommend him to anyone else looking to break into this complex but exciting field.

Kevin Jenner, Fujifilm - Speciality Ink Systems

I met Jonnie for what was, initially, a training day for Twitter in early 2010. Since then we have engaged with his company, on a retained basis, to advise on social media strategy, manage a website build, and integrate social media into our wider marketing strategy.
Jonnie and his team are not only knowledgeable and service focused, they are also easy to work with, detailed in their approach and open to our ideas – however off the mark they might be! Patience is a virtue that Jonnie demonstrates in abundance. I personally look forward to our continued relationship both personally and professionally.

Jonathan Lindon, Digital Futures

Over the last 4 years I have worked with Jonnie, his expertise, knowledge and digital insight helped take Alium from a company with little digital, social or content strategy, to a leader in the industry. From developing an engaging blog and a varied content hub, to helping us establish the organisation across relevant social media platforms, the work of Jonnie and his team at Frontier has driven fantastic engagement levels amongst clients and candidates and I am delighted to recommend him.

Roderick McInnes, Alium Partners

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