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Our Digital Business Power Mission

We believe that every single business should be digitally-fit. You don’t need to be cutting edge digital marketing gurus. You need the right strategy, skills and systems in place to get the work done and deliver results.

We help you develop digital marketing competencies across your team, get your business thinking digitally and are committed to bringing effective digital success as easily as possible.

We leave our clients empowered and excited about using digital marketing to grow their business.

Jonnie Jensen Digital Marketing Director

Why we do what we do

Too many successful companies are still struggling to make the internet work for them. It cannot stay this way. There is too much at stake to not be a digital business. Are you going to become Amazon vs Toys R Us?

I’m Jonnie Jensen, founder of Frontier Business Consulting and the Digital Business Power framework. I’ve worked in digital marketing since 1999. The power was obvious to me from day 1. But it isn’t to everyone. My Dad said “as if anyone is ever going to buy a holiday on a computer!” Today I demystify the abundant potential that digital has to offer businesses.

My heart sinks when I see the same mistakes being made over and over again. Mistakes that leave businesses leaders stressed and otherwise successful companies struggling to make the internet work for their company. Frontier ensures you avoid these digital errors.

How? By educating and exciting you and your team and working together to establish digital skills in your business. We get the essentials of digital marketing working in your business and bring in trusted suppliers and tools to get the work done.  It creates an upward spiral for your business: one that your competitors cannot catch up with, fuels your success and adds long-term value to your company.

The Frontier Business Solution

Frontier Business Consulting are a team of digital business and digital marketing experts.

We know good agencies, technical specialists and proven tools. We bring this into your business to bridge the gap between what you are good and how the internet can help your business grow.

The value and demand for digital marketing skills have never been higher.  

However, there is a lack of people with this experience. Sadly there are also lots of companies who do not provide a good level of service. It becomes a minefield then when you try to buy or recruit these without experience yourself.

Frontier brings the required experience, to work alongside you, in your business.

We leave you empowered and confidently using the internet. Think of us as your own digital marketing dream team, leading you to the success you deserve.

Transform Your Business With Digital Business Power

Digital business decisions require experience at Director level. Too many companies do not have this. It leads to mistakes and cost. Working with Frontier solves this problem. You can access our Digital Business Power system at a level that suits your business.

Get Digital Business Power with Jonnie Jensen

8-week course and mastermind to create your plan and put practical actions in place.

Digital Business Coaching With Jonnie Jensen

Digital Business Director

A Digital Business Director in your business to implement a strategy, mentor staff and achieve results.

Inbound Marketing Services with Live And Social

Specialist support and preferred partners to ensure you confidently get the work done.

Our ethos and values

What we believe in forms the base of each client relationship. Sharing our values helps us stay true to what we do and why.

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